Happy Holidays!!


Hats off! Resilient mind-set!

This Friday of 4th November 2022 marks the end of the secondary education prolonged academic year in the wake of COVID 19.
Students who have completed their Grade 8 this year were in fact admitted in 2021.

What a long journey for all!! International studies indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken long-accepted beliefs about education, reinforcing the notion that effective learning is determined more by people and processes than it is by physical spaces or instruments. As a moment of widespread innovation and improvisation, this situation has offered an opportunity to build greater flexibility and resilience into the fundamental organising principles of education systems. Countries throughout the world have been capitalizing on this opportunity, harnessing new ways of organising teaching and learning to make education more responsive to the needs of all students, and in all contexts. SeDEC wishes to put on record the resilience and dedication of its educational community at all levels of responsibility during this difficult period we have gone through. Let’s hope we will start year 2023 with a new counter but with more determination and high spirit.

Bonnes vacances à vous !

SeDEC’s Team