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Back to school 2023





Dear Colleagues,


On behalf of the Equipe de Direction & staff of SeDEC, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and welcome everyone back. We are also excited to welcome new students and families into our school community. As far as secondary is concerned, Year 2023 marks the completion year of the Projet Catéchétique Diocésain, “Kleopas”. Kindly see P.36 of ‘Echéancier secondaire’ in L’Ecole catholique. Les cinq chantiers à entreprendre. In my duty to serve as Head of Secondary, I will particularly focus this year (1st & 2nd terms), amongst others, on a review of the processes that led to the setting up of the Structures de Gouvernance et de Participation’ (5e chantier). Experience in the field of several types of policy reforms show that school leaders experience differently the policy enactment in their schools. Generally, school leaders respond to the situation either as institutional or organizational leaders or they give examples of hybrid interactions when polarization operates at school. In fact, there is an apparent isomorphism among education systems (catholic or others) worldwide when such journey as Kleopas is undertaken. We will identify the lessons that can be drawn for the future.

However, we are certainly more aware now in a globalized and hyper-communicated world, the COVID-19 outbreak has triggered a strong VUCA situation, famous and fierce acronym referring to Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Only an agile leadership can respond to this situation.



In the meantime, we look forward to the remaining school year which will be undoubtedly filled with many adventures, opportunities for learning and for growing closer to God.

Yours truly,

Dr Jimmy Harmon Deputy Director.