Preliminary Activities for UNESCO International Workshop





Our country will host an international UNESCO workshop on Slavery Museums from 13th to 15'h September 2019 at the University of Mauritius. The Centre for Research on Slavery and Indenture (CRSI) of the University of Mauritius would like to rope in some primary and secondary pupils in the conference. In this context, the Centre is organising two activities namely:


  •      one Workshop for secondary students 
  •      and one class activity in a primary school before the conference.

The theme for this workshop is focused on «les enjeux de la representation de l'esclavage dans les musees ». The findings of the two activities will be presented on the day of the conference. 


Our students from Saint Marys' West College Saint Esprit Quatre Bornes College and Students from Bhujoharry College were happy to share their creative talents for this workshop held yesterday, 22 August at the  Service Diocesain de l'Education Catholique.