Networking and induction for new recruits of diocesan colleges

The SeDEC organised during the second term holidays, more precisely on 31 July, a networking and Induction session for newly recruited Educators of diocesan colleges. The idea behind this initiative was to ensure that beginner teachers are provided with the appropriate and effective support to set the foundations for a successful working experience among fellow colleagues from diocesan colleges. Particular emphasis was placed on the Catholic schooling ethos, as well as on the expectations from those joining the sector after the promulgation of Kleopas. Senior Educators/representatives from a few colleges were also present and helped in facilitating the event.

alain romaine

The event started with a warm welcoming speech of Father Alain Romaine, the Episcopal Delegate for Catholic Education. He dealt mostly with the anxiety of teachers to ensure the academic performance of students. “Success in teaching is not limited to the purely intellectual side”, agued Father Alain Romaine. “It must aim at an integral human development, especially for students who are in vulnerable situations”. Teachers should also adopt certain attitudes and values to cultivate a quality educational community. Self-presentation and strong aptitudes, self-acceptance, freedom and teamwork are some of the key factors for the integral development of students. “Our focus is to shape the person holistically in the light of the teachings of the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Pascal Nadal, the Head of Training and ‘Pastorale Scolaire’ at the SeDEC, then took over for a presentation of the history of Catholic Education, the organisational structure of SeDEC and the core values of primary and secondary Catholic Education in Mauritius. This presentation has enabled those present to have a good insight into where they fit in the Catholic Education’s family. Dr. Nadal ended his presentation by projecting extracts from ‘The emperor’s club’, an interesting movie that tells the joys and tribulations of a philosophy teacher working in a private school for wealthy kids.


The Head of Secondary, Dr. Jimmy Harmon, was also present on this occasion and has elaborated on how teachers can use different pedagogical techniques and teaching strategies, such as those adopted by Peter Hastings, a Catholic headteacher who championed children's rights to learn in a free school atmosphere. Read more

Participants present were happy about this networking session, and particularly about the opportunity to share their experiences in small discussion groups led by Senior Educators or representatives of diocesan colleges. Other such events are scheduled over the coming months to afford these newly recruited teachers an optimum integration in the local Catholic education community.