teachers day

World Teachers’ Day 2020


Dear Fellow Teachers,


Many years ago, I, like you, was part of this all important body of professionals that are teachers. As I reminisce on this chapter of my life fondly, I remember also the daily struggles and the immense responsibility which this job entails. It has been a period I truly cherish, and on this celebration of teachers’ day today, I felt it was important to take a moment to ponder upon and to give thanks for  the work we all do, every day.


I began my career as a teacher in 1977. There was no Teachers’ day back then and we did not have a moment to honor this tireless, often thankless, but oh -so-precious job which is that of teachers. Teachers are sometimes the brunt of jokes and unpleasant remarks  from others who do not understand or know our world: how many times have you heard people covet your holidays, your working hours etc. etc.? It was years until I moved into administration, so I can truly appreciate the reality of teaching, the emptiness of these accusations, and what teachers go through every day. I have walked that path myself. I know the late nights correcting worksheets; the dedication and worry for children as if they were your very own; the frustration of not being able to impart knowledge to your pupils; the boundless joy of seeing those little ones succeed, sometimes, beating the odds against them.


Academic success of pupils is evidently an enormous achievement to a teacher’s record. But on this day, I want you to also think of the million other, and no-less negligible ways in which you can also be an excellent teacher. May you all remember the crucial component you are in so many children’s lives and how you shape these little minds, hearts and destinies.


A teacher can be the wind behind the sails of a child who has lost all confidence and who never had anyone believe in him; the teacher can be so much more than an instructor by being the shoulder to cry on , a confidant for his pupils, he may be the stepping stone to a child realising his full potential and exploiting his God-given talents. I am sure every one of you can remember a teacher who has made a great difference in his life. So, let me encourage you to be this person for another child: be his champion, his catalyst.  


So dear colleagues, take a moment to understand the importance of your work in society and if you have children of your own, you will surely fully appreciate how precious and impactful a teacher is in a child’s life. On this day I wish that you will always find the strength to continue to embrace this valuable profession, always strive to self- improve even if the path is laden with challenges, and selflessly invest in the future generations.


Happy Teachers’ Day to you all.


Laval Grenade

Head of Primary